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AgroHelper is a web application that provides satellite imagery and actionable insights to farmers and their advisors.

What is the benefit of satellite imagery to farmers?

  • Save Time: access to satellite imagery helps you find areas where your plants are under stress remotely and reduce significantly the time you dedicate to crop scouting.

  • Reduce costs: by optimizing your crop scouting efforts, you will save money on fuel. This is just the beginning. The ability to detect crop health variability across the fields will allow you to use farming inputs rationally and spend money to treat only the areas that need it.

  • Reduce risk: pests and invasive species can be devastating. With satellite imagery you can detect them early on and act to contain the damage.

  • Get the full picture: satellite imagery is no longer reserved for big operations and institutions. With access to historical data, you can monitor the development of your entire region.

The Drone Revolution

Why AgroHelper?

  • It is easy to start: working with AgroHelper does not require any technical skills, initial set up, field boundaries or any other extra information.

  • Our product is simple to use: focus on farming instead of playing Sherlock Holmes with menus and buttons.

  • You get a free 14 days trial: get access to the full functionality for free, test and see for yourself if the solution is working.

Maps, 3D models and crop stress detection

Who can use AgroHelper ?



From small holders to large operations, every farmer can use the platform. AgroHelper is the most affordable, yet scalable solution on the market.