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Use aerial data to create actionable
maps of your fields


What is AgroHelper ?

AgroHelper is a web platform that converts drone captured images of farm fields into actionable crop health data. We help farmers identify field problem areas sooner, faster and cheaper than traditional crop scouting by foot or terrestrial vehicle.

What is AgroHelper

What’s the benefit of drone tech for farmers?

  • Save Time: capture high resolution images of 100 hectares within an hour.

  • Protect your crops: apply vegetation indexes like NDVI to your aerial images and detect pests and diseases days before the human eye can see them.

  • Save Money: cut input cost by highly targeted pesticide application.

  • Get the full picture: see the total area without entering the fields and damaging your crops.

The Drone Revolution

Why AgroHelper?

  • Our product is optimized to fit your workflow: the Health Map Feature analyzes your images and detects crop health in real time while our competitors need 5 to 10 hours.

  • Our product is user friendly: focus on what you are doing best instead of playing Sherlock Holmes with menus and buttons.

  • You get a FREE LIFETIME ACCOUNT: work within the limit of 3 maps per month for ever. Test, decide for yourself and upgrade to premium.

Maps, 3D models and crop stress detection

Who can use AgroHelper ?


Drone operators

Leverage your remote sensing UAVs with our powerful image processing software. Enjoy a simple and elegant user interface combined with the speed of our cloud based sеrvers. Provide reliable precision farming and drone mapping services to your clients 365 days in a year.



Time is your most valuable resource. Generate areal maps and apply NDVI analysis to detect plant diseases and pest infestation weeks before the human eye can see them. Optimize the inputs and maximize the output per area unit with our simple and intuitive precision agriculture solution.